Evia Island
Evia is one of the largest and most beautiful islands of Greece. Its embroidered coastline offers welcoming beaches, an oasis of freshness to all travelers.
The crystal clear waters and the majestic landscapes filled with green make your heart beat faster. In Evia you will discover nature at its best, with various hiking trails that lead you to some of the finest places of Greece.
The famous wetland of Kanatadika is a beautiful place to visit, as well as Drimona Waterfalls. There are picturesque villages and small towns in the area, waiting for you to explore.
You can schedule excursions to the northern petal of Evia and find out more about the hidden treasures of this fabulous place. If you are looking for family vacations or romantic hideaways in nature, if serenity and relaxation is what you need, Evia Island is the perfect destination for your holidays!
Throughout your stay at Nefeli Rooms, you can engage in multiple amazing activities. The nearest beach is just 100 meters away, whereas within a distance of 300 meters the beach of Agios Nikolaos is a splendid place for diving and water sports or even fishing. 
The Drimona Waterfalls and the wetland of Kanatadika will introduce you to the magic of nature, as you are hiking in the breathtaking scenery. At the local horse riding club, you are in for a unique experience with these beautiful, precious animals. 
Having Nefeli Rooms as a starting point, you may explore the northern part of Evia and enjoy the wonderful landscapes. 
In addition, you can take the boat that leaves daily and head to Skiathos and the other islands of Sporades. This is going to be another highlight of your vacations. Spend precious moments in Evia, with impressive activities that bring you closer to nature!
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