Arrival & Departure Time
Check-in 14:00-21:00
Please inform us of your arrival time as soon as possible.

Check-out 08:00-12:00
On day of check-out, based on GNTO Regulations, staying until 18:00 incurs a 50% charge of your daily rent. Departures after 18:00 incur a full day rent charge.
Reservation, Pre-payment & Cancellation
Based on GNTO Regulations, in case of reservation (via direct contact, telephone or online) it is necessary to deposit 25% of the total booking amount. Free cancellation fee when given at least 21 days notice prior to your due arrival date. We will let you know our bank account information and further details. The deposit should be paid within 3 working days.
Bank transfer remittance must be paid by the sender.
Early departures shall be charged 50% of the remaining rent.
In the case of reservation through™, you will be asked to provide credit card details (we accept VISA & MASTERCARD). Based on our hotels pre-payment policy from™ we will notify you via email when the payment has been received (you can cancel free of charge up to 30 days before your arrival date).
Your full name and contact numbers are required.
Upon your arrival, it is necessary to provide us with an official identification document (ID, Driver's Certificate or Passport) which will remain in our possession until your departure date. In case you are asked to submit the relevant document from local authorities, you may directly contact us.
Children & Extra Beds
All children are welcome.
In a double room, one child under 6 years of age may share one of the two single beds. One child over the age of 6 is charged 20% of the rent per night and may share one of the two single beds. Two children over the age of 6 are not allowed in a double room.
In a triple room with two children over the age of 6, the second child is charged 20% of the rent per night and may share one of the three single beds.

No extra beds can be accommodated in the rooms.
No baby portacots available.
Pets are not allowed in our hotel.
Charges & Taxes
All prices include taxes and legal fees (VAT 13% and City Tax 0.50%) except for the Special Accommodation Tax (S.A.T., Article 53, Law 4389/16) which amounts to €0.50 per night and must be paid by cash only.
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