Nefeli Rooms in Evia are located at the fabulous village of Asminio, which is really close to Peyki. The distance from Athens is 190km via Chalkida and 180km, if you use the boat through Arkitsa-Aidipsos. From the hotel you may visit all the northern part of Evia, from the Lake until Psaropouli and Agia Anna.
Some of the major attractions of the area include the Nautilus Museum in Agiokampos, Orei, the new tower, the wetland of Kanatadika, the Aquarium, Kamatriades for horse-riding, Drimona Waterfalls, Kastri, Peyki and many other areas. Most of them feature beaches and places for dining and entertainment, covering every taste.
The Monastery of Saint David is also worth visiting. Apart from all that, you have the opportunity to enjoy a full day’s visit to the neighboring islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos by boat, starting from Peyki.
Our Village
How to access Nefeli Rooms
Easy and fast access to our hotel by following these coordinates on map:
Access by car from both north and south of Greece is very easy and you are offered plenty of routes to choose from. Two routes through the Athens-Lamia-Thessaloniki highway from where you can take a ferry boat and continue the rest of your journey by road through dense forest.
Route from Arkitsa ⇄ Loutra Esipsou - via ferry
151 km from the Athens-Lamia highway you can catch a ferry boat to Loutra Edipsou. The journey on the ferry will take 30 minutes and then once disembarked it is a short drive to our destination. For information regarding ferry schedules via this route please visit link below:
Route from Glyfa ⇄ Agiokampos - via ferry
255 km of the Thessaloniki-Athens National Highway you can catch a ferry boat to Agiokampos. The journey on the ferry will take 30 minutes and then once disembarked it is a short drive to our destination. For information regarding ferry schedules via this route please visit links below:

Route via Chalkida
For those who enjoy a journey through mountains, forests, rivers and hamlets, you can travel by car via Chalkida, which is a 2½ hour drive to Asmini. 

Route via bus
For those without transportation, you can travel via bus (KTEL). For information regarding bus routes you can call:
Athens: +30 2108317163
Chalkida: +30 2221020400
Istiea: +30 2226052284
Loutra Edipsou: +30 2262060211
For any information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Taverns • Restaurants

Kyma Tavern (Asmini)
39.003924, 23.197873 (300m on foot)

Bougazi Ouzo Tavern (Asmini)
39.003897, 23.197859 (300m on foot)

Fish Tavern (Asmini)
39.003964, 23.197739 (300m on foot)

Souvlaki Zahos (Asmini Square)
39.002840, 23.197915 (230m on foot)

Souvlaki Tsoutsikas (Asmini Square)
39.002844, 23.198274 (280m on foot)

Souvlaki Gyromania (Pefki)
39.006988, 23.209693 (1,5km by car)

La Bene Pizzeria (Pefki)
39.006948, 23.209631 (1,5km by car)

Creperie (Pefki)
39.005501, 23.208317 (1,3km by car)

Café • Bar

Café (Asmini)
39.003941, 23.198819 (400m on foot)

Fygias Café/Bar (Pefki)
39.009724, 23.211350 (1,9km by car)

Bazaar Beach Bar (Neos Pyrgos)
38.938375, 23.074598 (16,7km by car)

Casino Café/Bar (Loutra Edipsou)
38.853808, 23.049259 (29,4km by car)

Grocery Stores • Super Market

Asmini Square
39.002785, 23.198115 (280m on foot)

Galaxias Super Market (Istiea)
38.952800, 23.156157 (8,7km by car)

My Market (Istiea)
38.958515, 23.151907 (8,4km by car)


Pefki Port
39.006892, 23.209400 (1,5km by car)

Pefki Sidewalk
39.009648, 23.211226 (1,8km by car)

Istiea Square
38.953561, 23.150982 (8,8km by car)


Agios Nikolaos Beach (Asmini)
39.004132, 23.198973 (500m on foot)

Pefki Beach
39.009498, 23.210311 (1,8km by car)

Kanatadika Beach (Istea)
38.994436, 23.114416 (14km by car)

Agios Nikolaos Beach (Ellinika)
39.014909, 23.341721 (19,5km by car)

Neos Pyrgos Beach
38.938365, 23.073297 (16,8km by car)

Orei Beach
38.949783, 23.086793 (14,7km by car)

Golden Beach (Grogolimano)
38.835187, 22.946465 (45,5km by car)

Lihadonisia Islands Beach
38.825215, 22.829081 (56km by car & via boat)


Horse Riding Center (Kamatriades)
38.896184, 23.178367 (17,1km by car)

Monastery of Saint David (Drimonas)
38.845895, 23.282019 (38,9km by car)


Kireas Lake
38.770691, 23.483236 (67km by car)

Rivers • Waterfalls

Gerakiou Waterfall
38.983912, 23.237100 (5,1km by car)

Drimonas Waterfalls
38.850714, 23.294283 (44km by car)

Kremasi Waterfall (Agdines)
38.944791, 23.297375 (19km by car)

Museums • Preserved Buildings

Nautilos Museum (Agiokampos)
38.933312, 23.035401 (20,8km by car)

Natural History Museum (Istiea’s Hunting Association)
38.959335, 23.157024 (7,8km by car)

Poetry Tower, George Drosinis (Gouves)
39.002953, 23.246075 (5,8km by car)

Airport • Ferries • Transportation

Pefki Port, connection with Skiathos, Skopelos
39.007347, 23.208286 (1,5km by car)

Arkitsa Port
38.751484, 23.024620 (41km by car)

Loutra Edipsou Port
38.858160, 23.040987 (29km by car)

Glyfa Port
38.952555, 22.969739 (27km by car)

Agiokampos Port
38.933348, 23.035375 (21km by car)

National Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (Athens)
37.936446, 23.946976 (215km by car)

KTEL/Buses, Liosia Station (Athens)
38.010440, 23.722453 (190km by car)

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